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Years of scientific research have gone into what makes us fat. The best weight-loss pills take advantage of the latest science to deliver results.

Liponox has shot to the top of our favorite weight-loss pills because of its unique ingredient profile and safety. We recommend it to users looking to use large amounts of weight quickly.

The Battle of the Bulge

Research shows that weight gain starts in the brain. Two neurotransmitters, CART and NPY, fight for dominancy, and you see the results in your waistline.

Good versus Evil

CART is the “Good Guy” is this fight. If you’re trying to lose weight, it’s your best friend. CART reduces food cravings, increases metabolism and delivers vital energy to your muscles rather than being stored as body fat.

NPY is the “Bad Guy.” NPY is a stress hormone and is often associated in the scientific community as the chemical reaction that urges you to eat and crave food. Increased levels of NPY can decrease metabolism, decrease body temperature, and increase cravings and hunger.

The key is supporting CART and inhibiting NPY.

The ingredients in Liponox have been carefully chosen and assembled into a brand-new, unique formula that our experts love. High doses of multiple all-natural plant extracts make Liponox a consumer favorite.*

*Results are atypical, and individual results may vary.

What’s Makes Liponox So Special?

Green coffee bean is the unroasted, raw form of the coffee bean we’re all familiar with. Keeping the beans in their raw state is important because roasting destroys the fat-burning compound: chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic acid has been extensively studied for its fat-fighting properties. It works by reducing the amount of new fat the body creates from excess carbohydrates. This allows you to burn off fat without having to worry about putting on more pounds. Clinical studies have found that quality green coffee bean can boost weight loss up to 10 pounds more than placebo groups. See study »*

Razberi-K is a specially-designed form of all-natural raspberry ketones. Its 98% purity is unprecedented and formulated to take full advantage of raspberry ketones’ powerful fat-burning effects. Research shows that raspberry ketones accelerate fat cell breakdown and block new fat creation. The result is faster, easier fat loss. In fact, one clinical study showed raspberry ketones completely prevented new fat storage in obese patients, without having to change diets! See study »*

Chromax is a patented form of the natural mineral chromium. Chromax stand out from regular chromium supplements with its stable design and easy absorption. It has been shown to increase weight loss by suppressing appetite and balancing insulin and blood sugar levels. This reduces caloric intake, stops cravings, and helps manage steady energy levels, essential for long-term weight loss. One study found individuals taking chromium were able to lose more twice as much body weight as the placebo group. See study »*

ThermoDiamine is a concentrated source of the natural compound evodiamine. This naturally-occurring ingredient comes from the Evodia fruit and works by regulating catecholamine output. These hormones increase metabolism and the body’s core temperature, allowing you to burn more calories, lowering body fat and increasing energy levels.

Caffeine is the king of energy ingredients. Most of us are familiar with caffeine from energy drinks or our morning coffee, but caffeine also has potent fat-burning properties. It works by blocking specific receptors that trigger fatigue. This allows you to continue working without feeling tired, burning more fat for energy.. Caffeine also boosts adrenaline and dopamine production, contributing to overall well-bring and positivity. Finally, caffeine has also been shown to reduce bloating and water weight as a natural diuretic.

Customer Testimonials

“Those last few pounds are hard to lose. Lucky for me, I’ve never been extremely overweight. I just have that spare tire that seems nearly impossible to lose. A friend of mine told me Liponox, so I thought I would try it. Surprisingly, the weight around my midsection started to melt away. Now I still take Liponox to maintain my weight and I enjoy the energy and focus.”

“Being a busy mom and working a full time job, I found it difficult to lose weight. Diets just did not work for me. Hearing about Liponox made me think that I could finally lose the extra weight I had. Takes a few days to get used to but I totally felt a difference. I had loads of energy and it made me feel fuller faster! Portion control was the biggest problem I had and these pills totally solved it!”

“Liponox has made a huge impact on my life. After losing my brother and having to move back home I was just on a downward spiral and put on so much weight. Nothing I did seemed to help me lose weight which made me mad and I put on more. I started with Myotein and couldn’t believe how good it was, XPI has definitely been a life changer I highly recommend it.”

19 years old and hated my body. I decided to make a change. I was hitting the gym with cardio for 2 hours a day then an hour of toning excercises in the afternoon, then I found out I was pregnant. Fast Forward 10 months later… there I was with a 6 week old baby. Something had to change. I put myself of an insanely strict diet and forced myself to put in as much cardio per day as I could, and I added Liponox to my routine. Lets fast forward again, a year later. There I was, happier than I have ever been.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Liponox work for everyone?

A. Unfortunately, no supplement works for everyone. 98% of Liponox customers are satisfied, but we can’t please. In the unlikely event that you’re part of that 2% who don’t love it, you get your money back.

Q. Does Liponox come with a guarantee?

A. Absolutely! Liponox comes with a no questions, no hassle, 90-Day Money-Back guarantee. Good for one used bottle and all unused bottles.

Q. How long does each bottle of Liponox last?

A. Each bottle of Liponox comes with 60 capsules and is designed to last 30 days. Recommended use for Liponox is to take 1 capsule before breakfast and lunch. Do not increase the suggested dosage.

Q. How old do I have to be to use Liponox?

A. You must be at least 18 years or older to use Liponox.

Q. Is Liponox safe?

A. Don’t let the medical terminology lead you to believe that Liponox is dangerous. No adverse effects have been reported when Liponox is taken as directed. You should not take Liponox if you are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants. Please check with your physician before taking any supplement and ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients in Liponox.

Q. How much is Liponox?

A. Each bottle of Liponox normally retails for $97.00. With our limited time offer, exclusively found on our official site, you can buy Liponox for greatly discounted prices, depending on the quantity you order.

Q. How long does shipping take?

A. All orders ship within one business day. Shipping time varies by location and method. For domestic orders, we offer FedEx Home Delivery (1-5 days), FedEx 2 Day Air, FedEx Overnight, USPS First Class (2-5 days), and USPS Priority (2-3 days). International orders are shipped FedEx International Mail (10-14 days) and FedEx International Priority (3-5 days, fully trackable).


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